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Much is said about the benefits of physical activity for fitness and health, focusing on aesthetic aspects or diseases related to fat accumulation and its consequences. However, the benefits of working the body go a lot further, and may surprise you.

This is the case of the advantages that practicing exercises offers for the health of muscles and bones. The practice is indicated, even, for those who have diseases related to these issues and that present pain, such as pain in the neck, spine, limbs, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

Because they feel pain in their movements, many of those who suffer from these discomforts believe that rest is the solution. This is not true! The practice of physical activities is positive and recommended as part of the treatment of such diseases or similar inconveniences. Understand why.

How does practicing exercise help fight problems in muscles and bones?
Exercising is one of the benefits to muscle and bone strengthening muscles, which results in increased bone support and can increase cartilage lubrication, improving joint performance, and consequently reducing this type of pain.

It should also be considered that every form of physical training involves some moment of stretching and relaxation of the musculature, which causes localized stresses to be attenuated. In addition, physical activities have a neurological impact, causing the body to increase endorphin production. This increase causes the perception of pain to be reduced and, as a gift, you will also improve your mood.

Daily activities will benefit, since the habit of moving the body correctly and periodically will increase the elasticity, strength, volume and power of the muscles, harmonizing the locomotor system. You will notice differences, for example, in your body posture and balance.

Physical activities slow aging of bones
The bone tissue works in constant renewal, alternating periods of growth, mineralization, destruction and demineralization. The tendency is that with time the processes of destruction and demineralization predominate, causing the bone to weaken.

The regular practice of physical activities assists in the maintenance and development of the bones, because before the submission of them to the loads and pressures of the muscles, there is an increase of the deposit of minerals. This process clearly softens the demineralization process and contributes to the prevention of pain, weakness and fractures.

Of course, even with all these benefits, whoever is not just suffering from a pain that can be caused by sedentary lifestyle and stress, you should be careful about the type of exercise you will be practicing. Anyone who has been unemployed for a long time must start calmly and preferably seek advice from a physician to know their limits.

People who have more serious joint and bone issues should prefer water exercises because it reduces the impact of the movements and increases the strength needed to perform them, which is a great combination in this case.

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